Some say that human existence is predicated upon love, giving and receiving it. Yet society seems to grow more toxic by the decade, as younger generations move further away from this axiom and closer to activities and behavior that foster conflict, rivalry, and greed. When our actions aren’t rooted in love and kindness, we fail to uphold our God-given missions and we violate His code of conduct, no matter our religious affiliations. Love knows no barriers, nor should it.

Soul love transcends physical barriers of any kind, where love is pure, unconditional, and enduring. I didn’t experience soul love until I had my first romantic encounter with a soul mate. The relationship was simply different, beyond physical intimacy and attraction. I shared uncanny similarities with my mate, yet we had differences that helped us grow, together and individually. Soul relationships exist on all levels, personally, romantically, familial, and professionally, but I believe that a select few come into our lives in romantic capacities. They help us evolve by showing us what we need to develop or change. We sometimes refer to these experiences as life’s learning lessons. Make no mistake, soul relationships are always meaningful. If we heed the lessons and make efforts to change, each experience gets a little easier, building on the preceding one. But if we don’t, well, mistakes have ways of repeating themselves.

At 35, after being reunited with my life (soul) partner for a year, I could probably write an entire series on relationships, dating, and love--part of the focus of this Site. My dating journey was long, arduous, but ultimately hard won. I can say with total certainty that I’ve met the man with whom God wants me to spend my life. When I stopped prioritizing what I wanted in a man/relationship and gave some credence to what God wanted for me, it all came together. I realized that experiencing soul love (love on a spiritual level) wasn’t just about finding a picture-perfect GQ model--gainfully employed and generous in more ways than one. It was about coming to terms with the fact that some of my needs and desires were mutually exclusive.

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