What does a life of opulence look like to you? Does it look financially rewarding with lots of cash in the bank, bills paid on time, and unlimited spending? Do you feel your physical best, vibrant, healthy, and full of life? Is it driving behind the wheel of a new ride, en route to a weekend getaway? Is your vision limited to material richness, or does living a prosperous life consist of something more?

Earning enough income to pay your bills and live comfortably is what most people associate with a life of opulence. But why limit yourself to material blessings? Material consumption comprises only one facet of an abundant life. True prosperity consists of so much more--physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual vitality. Living in true abundance entails living by the Golden Rule, treating others with kindness, generosity, and sincerity. Promising investments yield promising returns.
SOLO explores the precursors to living in abundance by focusing on the importance of giving, feeling gratitude, and realizing the true worth of intangible blessings.
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